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The graphics cards we’ve tested today have a number of things in common. All of them are based on the reference PCB design, have the standard selection of video outputs and onboard connectors. They have the same amount of memory (in identical chips from Samsung), similar performance and comparable overclocking potential. We can also note that each of the original coolers has proved to be more efficient and quieter than the reference GeForce GTX 780 cooler. Well, this might have been expected, really, so let’s talk about the differences now.

The EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Superclocked ACX is the most beautiful among all the GeForce GTX 780s we’ve tested so far. It is rather compact, has a pre-overclocked GPU and a rather efficient cooler. It comes with a lot of accessories and at a price which is very close to the recommended one. The only downside we can see about it is its rather noisy cooler. Hopefully, the developer will work to optimize it.

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 OC WindForce X3 is a normal GTX 780 with an original cooler and pre-overclocked GPU. It is efficiently cooled and better than the EVGA in terms of noisiness, but cannot match the leaders in this respect. The card looks good and takes only two PCIe slots.

The Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 780 HerculeZ X3 Ultra is the unrivalled leader in terms of cooling efficiency, factory overclocking and size. Its HerculeZ X3 Ultra cooler should be praised for being head above any other GeForce GTX 780 cooler in performance. We guess that only water cooling solutions may be better, but that's a different story. While the card is quiet in 3D applications, the rattle of its fans can be heard at low speeds in 2D mode. Its triple-slot design may be a problem, too. Otherwise, the Inno3D is going to please you a lot, particularly with its original highlighting, so we do recommend this model to every gamer. We are proud to award it with our Editor’s Choice title:

We’ve covered six different GeForce GTX 780 cards in three reviews, but we expect to test some more. We haven't yet covered highly interesting products from ASUS and Zotac or the newest MSI GTX 780 Lightning. Hopefully, we'll get to test them in the nearest future.

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