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We’ve tested two original GeForce GTX 780s today and are very pleased with both. The MSI GeForce GTX 780 OC Gaming features a pre-overclocked GPU, an excellent high-performance and low-noise cooler, and high overclocking potential. The Palit GeForce GTX 780 Super JetStream can be praised for its even higher clock rates, 8-phase GPU power system, overclocker-targeted features, and original high-efficiency cooler with highlighting. The downsides we can note are the inconvenient position of the MSI’s power connectors and the blocking of its SLI connectors by its own stiffness rib. The Palit is rather noisy and thick, so it is impossible to use it in a SLI configuration in the top graphics slot or install two such cards one next to another. We also regret the lack of any nice extras among their accessories. After all, both products belong to the category of the fastest and most expensive single-processor graphics cards, so their buyers might expect free games or something.

As for the efficiency of the SLI tandem we built out of two GeForce GTX 780s, we had no surprises in our tests. This configuration is easily ahead of any dual-processor card from AMD and Nvidia, enjoying an advantage of 30% and more. As usual, the SLI scalability depends on software support (by the game engine and by the graphics driver). Our SLI tandem was generally free from any bottom speed problems, largely due to the large amount of onboard memory (3 GB). We want to remind you that if you build a 2-way SLI configuration out of two overclocked GeForce GTX 780s, you need a fast platform and high graphics quality settings (with some kind of antialiasing) for it to show you its very best.

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