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Crysis 3

This is such a heavy application that the effect from adding a second GeForce GTX 780 Ti can be seen in every test mode and at every display resolution:

It is at 2560x1440 with 4x MSAA that the SLI tandem enjoys its biggest advantage over the single card - up to 85%. It is also 47% ahead of the dual-processor Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 and 69% ahead of the AMD Radeon HD 7990.

Tomb Raider (2013)

We see the same picture here as in the previous test:

The SLI tandem ensures performance benefits in every test mode, its maximum efficiency amounting to 90% (one of the best results in this test session). The dual-processor cards are both 50-60% behind the leader.

BioShock Infinite

Like all single-GPU Nvidia-based products, the 2-way GeForce GTX 780 Ti SLI configuration has a very low bottom speed in this game. The AMD-based cards aren't much better in this respect, though.

The SLI technology is less efficient in BioShock Infinite than in the three previous benchmarks. Anyway, the two GeForce GTX 780 Ti cards are faster than the single such card by up to 72% and also beat the GeForce GTX 690 (by 44%) and Radeon HD 7990 (by 52%).

Metro: Last Light

First, let’s check out the cards with the Advanced PhysX option turned on:

The SLI technology has always been rather inefficient in this game, yet the two GeForce GTX 780 Ti turn out to be 68% faster than the single card. The SLI tandem is also 50% ahead of the GTX 690 and twice as fast as the Radeon HD 7990.

AMD's Radeon HD 7990 and R9 290X feel much better with the extra physics effects turned off, though:

Anyway, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti tandem is up to 56% ahead of the dual-processor solutions. Like in the resource-consuming Crysis 3, our top-end SLI configuration helps make the gameplay much smoother.


One GeForce GTX 780 Ti is quite enough to ensure a high frame rate in GRID 2. That’s why adding a second card only improves performance by 55% at best. The SLI tandem is only 12-36% ahead of the GeForce GTX 690 and 5-28% ahead of the AMD Radeon HD 7990.

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