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NVIDIA’s Luciano Alibrandi Dots All "i", continued

X-bit labs: How much power will two powerful GeForce 6800 graphics cards require?

Luciano Alibrandi:
Complete systems requirements will be rolled out during partner launch of the product.

X-bit labs: Any performance numbers or speed gains you expect from 2 GeForce 6800 Ultra boards, or GT boards, or, non-Ultra solutions?

Luciano Alibrandi: We will let reviewers to see the results... The amount of performance improvement will depend on the application. In some circumstances it is upwards of 2x increase in performance.  In general, the heavier the load, the more benefit delivered, so applications running at higher resolutions with higher image quality settings will benefit most.

Two NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra graphics cards in SLI/SMR configuration

X-bit labs: Do you expect any graphics cards makers to offer bundles with two graphics cards certified to operate in pair?

Luciano Alibrandi: Our partners are free to decide the best way to promote their products and to promote our technologies. I do not see why not.

X-bit labs: In case there would be no makers to offer graphics cards bundles, where users should get the MIO connector?

Luciano Alibrandi: People will need to buy 2 identical cards and get the SLI connector from one of our partners.

X-bit labs: When do you plan to enter the technology into the commercial market?

Luciano Alibrandi:
SLI will be available in Fall 2004.  SLI is only for PCI Express, so system builders will supply SLI in their systems first, as they create an install base for PCI Express systems. Retail details will be rolled out in August.

X-bit labs: Do you expect PC makers to offer computers with two GeForce 6800-series boards installed?

Luciano Alibrandi:
Systems based on NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU technology are expected to become available in the second half of 2004 from the world’s leading PC and workstation manufacturers including Alienware, Atelco Computer, Boxx Technologies, Falcon Northwest, Mouse Computer Japan, Network Technical, Paradigit, Scan Computers, TSUKUMO, UNITCOM, Velocity Micro, ThirdWave Corporation, VoodooPC.

X-bit labs: How much the system with two graphics cards is going to cost?

Luciano Alibrandi: This will be decided by the system builders.

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