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Final Words

3dfx Voodoo2 SLI was among the most expensive graphics solution for gamers in history. But for its days the option was the fastest. Now the SLI abbreviation returns to bring the ultimate performance crown to NVIDIA.

Unreal 3 requires more power than conventional GPUs can provide.
Maybe NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra in SLI delivers enough power?

Preliminary examination of the Symmetric Multi Rendering and Scalable Link Interface technologies show that from technology standpoint both are pretty promising. However, the final cost of applications featuring two graphics cards is likely to slowdown sales of such systems.

The advantages of dual graphics cards configurations are pretty clear:

  • Increased performance in astonishingly high resolutions with full-scene antialiasing and anisotropic filtering enabled.
  • Increased geometry and pixel shader computing speed.
  • Roaring and incomparable performance at the time of announcement with some reserve for the future.

However, there is a number of disadvantages too:

  • Extreme price of two cards and workstation components.
  • Power requirements.
  • Resolutions higher than 1600x1200 are not supported by the vast majority of 3D games.
  • Next-generation graphics processors are more feature-rich and typically outperform previous-generation offerings by 50% - 100%.

To sum up, two graphics cards is a terrific option for professionals who need performance right here and right now as well as gamers who want to have highest performance possible at any price. To put it for gamers: if you are not satisfied with the performance of NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra or ATI RADEON X800 XT, get yourself two GeForce 6800 Ultra and put them into SLI configuration – performance of your graphics will be undisputed.

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