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Products on the Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT chip haven’t been long on the market, yet have already gained recognition among people who appreciate inexpensive but fast graphics cards. The era of various versions of the 6600 GT has come to an end. Not that the 6600 GT is obsolete now, it is going to do its job well in a lot of computers worldwide, but it’s now time to meet the new best buy from Nvidia. The 7600 GT is an excellent product as is testified by numerous reviews. The manufacturer’s price policy also contributes to the growing popularity of graphics cards of that class. Anyone who keeps up with the computer market has to agree that we’ve got the success story of the 6600 GT repeated once again: high performance for the current generation of graphics hardware, low power consumption (in comparison with ATI’s competing offers), superb quality and affordable price. These factors can’t fail to make the 7600 GT a hit of the season.

However, there is no end to perfection when it comes to graphics hardware. Overclockers everywhere are trying to improve upon the original manufacturer’s design by lifting the frequencies up, improving the cooling, modifying the power circuitry, and overclocking some more to reach new performance heights. This review is going to contribute to this process by covering the volt-modding of 7600 GT graphics cards that have the reference design.

We’ve got an e-GeForce 7600GT CO Superclocked graphics card from EVGA. It follows the reference design (Type P456) but has higher frequencies than the ordinary 7600 GT: 600/1580MHz instead of 560/1400MHz.

Take note that this review doesn’t cover quite a few of GeForce 7600 GT based cards due to differences in the PCB wiring, particularly the non-reference models offered by Gainward, MSI and Palit. So, before you try to modify your card, make sure it complies with Nvidia’s reference design. Then read our disclaimer and think again if you do really need that.

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