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Performance in Strategies


We use DirectX 11 mode for graphics cards that support it.

Alas, the GeForce GTX 460 SLI cannot do much in BattleForge. It can only match the Radeon HD 5970 at 1600x900, having an advantage in bottom speed. This tandem fails at the other resolutions, its frame rate bottoming out below playable limits. There is no playing comfort at all when the game gets as slow as 5 to 12 frames per second. The GeForce GTX 470 SLI has the same problem, perhaps in a smaller degree, while the single GeForce GTX 480 feels at ease even at 2560x1600, showcasing the key advantage of the classic single-processor design, which is its independence from software optimizations today’s multi-GPU solutions can’t live without.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

As we noted in our special StarCraft II report, this game cannot boast an ultramodern engine packed with advanced special effects. It is no Crysis Warhead. As a result, the game’s system requirements are modest enough. On the other hand, StarCraft II slows down considerably when you turn on full-screen antialiasing and single-processor RV870- and GF100-based products may prove to be too slow then. That’s where dual-processor solutions like the Radeon HD 5970 or the hypothetical GeForce GTX 490 come in. They deliver similar performance, AMD’s product being somewhat faster at lower resolutions.

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

Nvidia’s dual-processor solutions seem to reach their ceiling here: the SLI subsystems based on GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 460 1GB cards offer the same speed at 1600x900 and 1920x1080. The GeForce GTX 460 SLI is as fast as the Radeon HD 5970 at 2560x1600. That’s a splendid performance because that pair cards is going to cost about $460 whereas the AMD flagship is more expensive.

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