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Performance in First-Person 3D Shooters

Aliens vs. Predator

Just as expected, the Gigabyte takes the lead. When overclocked, it makes a worthy alternative to the more expensive GeForce GTX 580. The gap between them is very small at every resolution. The ASUS card is the slowest of the GTX 570s while the Palit, working at a GPU clock rate of 850 MHz, is somewhere in between.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Our overclocking is beneficial in the Ultra HD mode where we get a substantial boost to the bottom speed and make the game playable even with the ASUS ENGTX570 DCII which has the lowest overclocking potential. As for the GTX 570 with the highest overclocking potential, it even beats the GeForce GTX 580 at 1920x1080!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

We don’t see anything interesting in this game due to its rather low system requirements. Overclocking such top-performance cards as GeForce GTX 570 is not necessary here because the frame rate is never lower than 80 fps even at 2560x1600. Still, we can note that the overclocked Gigabyte is competitive against the GeForce GTX 580.

Crysis 2

Although Crysis 2 has lower system requirements than its predecessor, graphics cards like GeForce GTX 570 or Radeon HD 6970 cannot run it fast enough in the Ultra HD mode. Overclocking doesn’t help here. We only manage to lift the frame rate to 27-33 fps on average but it bottoms out to 15-16 fps. On the other hand, the overclocked GTX 570s perform very well in the Full HD mode.

Metro 2033

This game is tested with the tessellation option turned on.

The bottom speed of the tested cards is too low but we can see that a well-overclocked GeForce GTX 570 can be as fast as a regular GeForce GTX 580. The Gigabyte card even beats its opponent at 2560x1600.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

This game runs with enabled tessellation.

Overclocking brings benefits in this game at 2560x1600. The increase in the bottom speed from 20 to 25 fps is a nice reward for lifting the GPU clock rates up to 900/1800 MHz. The other two GTX 570s are not that successful, yet the Palit performs more or less well. As opposed to the previous tests, the GeForce GTX 580 is unrivalled. The number of active GPU subunits turns out to be more important for this game than GPU and memory clock rates.

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