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NVIDIA GeForce 6800

The performance of the GeForce 6800 has been cut down severely, even in comparison to the GT version: it only has 12 pixel pipelines and works at still lower frequencies.

As an example of a GeForce 6800-based card I took the WinFast A400 TDH model from Leadtek:

Our test lab received the retail version of this graphics card:

The GeForce 6800 consumes less power than even the GeForce 6800 GT, having fewer pipelines and lower frequencies, so this card is equipped with only one connector for supplying additional power:

Although having smaller power dissipation than the GT model, the Leadtek card boasts a more serious cooling system:

The face-side cooler with a copper heatsink takes heat off the graphics core and the memory chips. The backside of the PCB is covered under a massive copper heat-spreader.

The wiring layout of the GeForce 6800 differs from the reference design of GeForce 6800 Ultra/GT cards, but the presence of a mighty-looking heat-spreader on the back side of the PCB doesn’t mean that there are any memory chips there. This heat-spreader removes heat from under the memory chips. Thick and soft thermal pads serve as a thermal interface there.

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