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Crysis Warhead

In the first two resolutions Gigabyte 9800 GT Silent Cell doesn’t yield to Radeon HD 4770 and in 1920x1200 it is even way faster. However, we see very low level of performance in all cases that indicates that graphics accelerators of this class are unfit for Crysis Warhead game, unless you are prepared to sacrifice the level of detail.


The minimal performance readings on Gigabyte solution are a little higher than those of Radeon HD 4770, but the average performance is way lower, even though the difference almost vanishes by the time we get to 1920x1200. Unfortunately, we can’t claim that the performance level is high enough for comfortable gaming experience here, just like in Crysis Warhead.

Fallout 3

However, those of you who enjoy the beauty of post-apocalyptic world will find that Gigabyte 9800 GT Silent Cell is a great choice for this game, even if you own a monitor supporting 1920x1200 or 1920x1080, which is getting more and more popular. The card maintains over 30 fps minimal performance level. Moreover, our subjective experience suggests that you can play with comfort.

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