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Performance in First-Person 3D Shooters

Aliens vs. Predator

The outdated GeForce GT 240 defaults due to the lack of DirectX 11 support. Anyway, we can easily see that the GeForce GT 430 cannot compete with the Radeon HD 5570 GDDR5, let alone with the Radeon HD 5670, and the modest factory overclocking doesn’t help the Gigabyte card here. It is only ahead of the Radeon HD 5550 GDDR5, both being no faster than 21 fps. Well, we could hardly expect anything else from a $79 product.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Having the same number of computing units working at a lower frequency, the GeForce GT 240 is anyway ahead of the GeForce GT 430. This is due to the difference in the number of their texture-mapping and rasterization units: 32 to 16 and 8 to 4, respectively. The new card is overall similar to the Radeon HD 5550 GDDR5, both unable to provide a comfortable frame rate at 1600x900 with the highest graphics quality settings.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

We’ve got the same standings as in the previous test except that the Radeon HD 5670 wins the resolution of 1600x900. This game has lower system requirements and the GeForce GT 430 can be used to play at 1600x900 or even at 1920x1080 without turning off full-screen antialiasing or lowering the level of detail.

Crysis Warhead

We might have expected such low results in this game. You can’t get 25 fps even from a Radeon HD 5670. We can note, however, that the GeForce GT 430, even with slower memory, is just as good as the Radeon HD 5550 GDDR5.

Far Cry 2

This game doesn't have high system requirements, but the GeForce GT 430 class solutions only make it playable at resolutions up to 1600x900. The new card from Nvidia is a little slower than the older one again. It is competitive to the more advanced Radeon HD 5570 GDDR5, though.

Metro 2033

This game is tested without multisampling antialiasing but with tessellation turned on.

The below-$100 cards are not meant to run such highly demanding applications which use cutting-edge graphics technologies. The GeForce GT 430 is about as fast as the Radeon HD 5550 GDDR5, the average frame rate barely reaching 15 fps.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

We turn tessellation on in this game.

The average frame rate of the GeForce GT 430 is higher than in the previous case but its bottom speed is too low to play comfortably. The Radeon HD 5500 series is even worse, though.

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