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Packaging and Accessories

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black GHz Edition is shipped in a cardboard box which is about twice as large as regular boxes with top-end graphics cards. There’s a picture of an augmented eye on the front of the packaging. Next to it, you can see the product’s model name, clock rates, cooling system type, and graphics memory type and amount.

There’s more information on the back of the box: descriptions of Nvidia technologies, a list of advantages of the exclusive Windforce 3X 600W cooling system, product specifications, and a demo of the OC Guru II utility.

There’s a black cardboard box inside the colorful wrapper. When you open it up, you’ll find a huge mouse pad lying on top of the contents.

Below it, there’s a flat box with accessories.

It contains two power adapters, an HDMI cable, a DVI->D-Sub adapter, a warranty coupon, a brief installation guide, and a CD with drivers and software.

No games are included. The manufacturer suggests that people who can afford such an expensive graphics card can buy their games themselves as well. Anyway, we guess a couple of the latest titles would be a nice extra.

There are two compartments at the bottom of the packaging. The graphics card is fixed inside one of them. The other contains a small box with the Windforce 3X 600W cooler.

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black GHz Edition is manufactured in Taiwan and is shipped with a 3-year warranty. We couldn’t find any information about its recommended price but it is available from online stores at $1239, which is 24% more than the recommended price of the regular GeForce GTX Titan Black.

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