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Package and Accessories

Although the HIS HD 4870 X2 belongs to the top product category, its box isn’t huge or special in any way. The design is nice, though. The abstract drawing resembling a stylized fan and airflow looks better to us than hackneyed monsters, robots or busty girls in armor.

This box can’t match the restrained design of products of Club3D or Sapphire Toxic cards, yet it’s good anyway. You can find some typical technical info on the box. Its protective properties are perfectly standard, too. Included with the PSU are the following accessories:

  • DVI-I → D-Sub adapter
  • DVI-I → HDMI adapter
  • Universal YPbPr/Composite splitter
  • S-Video/Composite adapter
  • CrossFire bridge
  • 2x Molex → 6-pin PCI Express adapter
  • User’s manual
  • CD disk with drivers
  • Platinum Pack disk set (optional)
  • HIS logo sticker for the system case
  • Universal screwdriver

The accessories are not scanty and seem to match the product’s status but we’ve got a couple of gripes about them. Our main gripe is about the lack of a full-featured player of HD video. The trial version of CyberLink PowerDVD included into the Platinum Pack can only be used for a limited time. This kind of economy doesn’t look right to us considering the price category the Radeon HD 4870 X2 belongs to.

The screwdriver is a nice accessory but is it really so useful? We guess every PC enthusiast who upgrades his computer with his own hands has even handier and better tools. The screwdriver from HIS isn’t very practical inside a cramped PC case due to the thick handle and short interchangeable nozzles but the integrated flashlight may come in handy. We wonder what use the bubble level integrated into the screwdriver can be for a devoted gamer, though. So, this screwdriver is a cute toy that you may want to use if there is no serious tool at hand. And you can take it with you on your LAN parties as it will fit into your pocket easily.

Otherwise, the accessories of the HIS HD 4870 X2 are standard, including all the cables and adapters you may want today. Perhaps they are not as gorgeous as the accessories included with Sapphire’s products, but anyway. We don’t have much to say about the packaging, either. It is not particularly eye-catching, but looks neat in comparison with the numerous monsters and cyborgs you can see on other boxes.

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