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CPU Load During Blu-Ray Playback

Now let’s take a look at how well the new graphics processors can unload central processing units from decoding of high-definition video streams.

Modern graphics processors seem to have an easy time decoding VC-1 video streams even with picture-in-picture function enabled.

The outdated GeForce 9800 GT/GTS 240 seems to be a little behind with both maximum and average load higher compared to other GPUs, but even in the worst case scenario a dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo CPU will spend only 30% of time on video decoding.

Modern ATI Radeon HD 5000 and Nvidia GeForce 200-series graphics processors have no troubles decoding VC-1, even though the model 210 is somewhat behind its brethren with BonusView turned on.

With MPEG4-AVC movies everything seems to be even more perfect that with movies encoded using VC-1 codec. There are no clear winners or losers here: the maximum CPU load does not exceed 25% in the vast majority of cases, which is rather low.

Judging by the diagram, ATI Radeon HD graphics processors are not as good as Nvidia GeForce chips in MPEG2 HD decoding. Still, the difference is not very high and there are not a lot of Blu-ray discs with MPEG2 HD-encoded movies on the market now.

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