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Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is one of the most challenging computer games for graphics accelerators. And as we can see, the results illustrate that perfectly. Even though we didn’t enable DirectX 11 mode during our test session, Intel HD Graphics 4000 in Core i5-3750K processor didn’t do that well and was outperformed by the integrated core in A6-3650 as well as the discrete Radeon HD 6450 graphics card. To be fair I have to say that the improvement over Sandy bridge graphics is still pretty impressive and is present in the senior as well as junior models. In other words, the performance boost comes not only from the larger number of execution units. Even without any extra units, Intel HD Graphics 2500 is about 30% faster than HD Graphics 2000.

Dirt 3

The situation in Dirt 3 game is pretty typical. HD Graphics 4000 is faster than the senior graphics core model in Sandy Bridge processors, while HD Graphics 2500 is about 40% faster than the integrated HD Graphics 2000. This places Core i5-3750K based system without the discrete graphics card right between the integrated platforms on AMD A8-3870K and AMD A6-3650. As for the graphics cards, only Radeon HD 6570 or faster models can actually compete against the new faster HD Graphics modification. All slower entry-level products stand no chance.

Far Cry 2

Look, the 4-year-old popular shooter can be played quite comfortably on the new integrated graphics from Intel. Although we still have to use low image quality settings, the diagram shows clearly how fast the performance of the Intel’s integrated graphics is increasing in the new processor generation. Assuming that they will keep up the same pace with the upcoming Haswell processors, next year we might no longer need such graphics cards as Radeon HD 6570.

Mafia II

The integrated graphics in AMD processors looks even better than Intel HD Graphics 4000 in Mafia II game. And this is true for both: integrated Radeon HD 6550D and a slower Radeon HD 6530D from the Vision APU. So, we have to state once again that AMD Llano boasts a more advanced graphics core than Ivy Bridge. And the upcoming Vision processors based on Trinity will obviously push HD Graphics even farther back. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that Intel’s integrated graphics has improved dramatically. Even the junior 2500 model of the Ivy Bridge graphics core looks very impressive compared with the predecessors. With only six execution units it is almost as fast as HD Graphics 3000 from Sandy Bridge with twelve units like that.

War Thunder: World of Planes

War Thunder is a new multi-player flight simulator, which should be released in the near future. However, the new integrated graphics cores are capable of delivering quite acceptable performance in this newest gaming title (if you do not set the image quality settings to their maximum, of course).of course, mainstream graphics cards will make the gaming experience more enjoyable, but we can’t call contemporary graphics solutions from Intel unfit for gaming either. This is primarily true for the HD Graphics 4000, which once again outperformed the entry-level discrete Radeon HD 6450 graphics card. The junior graphics core from the Ivy bridge processors doesn’t look as good, because its performance is only about half as good. That is why it is seriously behind not only discrete graphics accelerators, but also the integrated graphics cores in quad-core Socket Fm1 AMD processors.

Cinebench R11.5

All games we have discussed so far support DirectX 11. However, we would also like to check out new Intel graphics solutions in OpenGL. Therefore, we also completed a small performance investigation in the professional Cinema 4D suite.

As you can see from the obtained results, we do not see anything different about HD Graphics performance in OpenGL applications. However, HD Graphics 4000 is still behind any integrated or discrete graphics accelerators from AMD, which win this round due to better optimized drivers.

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