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Package and Accessories

The card comes into retail in a rather small box. It is designed in the same way as the MSI R3870X2-T2D1G we tested earlier and resembles the boxes of professional sound cards from E-MU Systems: a vertical plate on the left with the manufacturer’s name, and the model name below.

The design is simple, stern and not frivolous at all as opposed to many other boxes with graphics cards. The face side shows a picture of an android. Robotics seems to be the favorite theme of MSI’s designers as it is utilized in product boxes of all MSI cards based on ATI Radeon HD processors. In the right part of the box there is a row of red plates telling the customer important facts about the product such as the type and amount of graphics memory which are especially important for Radeon HD 3650 as we noted above. It’s clear that we’ve got a non-standard solution. The reference Radeon HD 3650 with GDDR3 has 256MB of onboard memory while the MSI card has two times as much. The OC Edition sticker indicates increased frequencies – we’ll talk about that shortly.

The box contains a cardboard tray. The graphics card and accessories lie in the compartments of this tray:

  • DVI-I → D-Sub adapter
  • Mini-DIN → Composite/S-Vide converter
  • Mini-DIN → YPbPr converter
  • S-Video cable
  • Brief user’s manual (in English)
  • Brief user’s manual (multilingual poster)
  • CD disk with drivers and MSI brand name utilities
  • AMD Ruby ROM Volume 1 disk

The accessories are rather odd, even archaic, for 2008 when the digital connection standards DVI and HDMI have nearly ousted the analog YPbPr standard, let alone the outdated S-Video and Composite formats. You can’t expect high gaming performance from RV635-based solutions, so it is especially sad that the kit doesn’t include a DVI-I → HDMI adapter which is mentioned in the accessories section of the official MSI website. A software HD video player is missing, too. That’s a significant downside considering that the R3650-T2D512-OC is obviously not a gaming card. On the other hand, this software would make the product more expensive. The current version of CyberLink PowerDVD costs over $50, but software is usually cheaper when included with hardware components. Still, the official price of the Radeon HD 3650 is only $99 and even $10 would make a difference for the end-user as well as manufacturer.

Among the exclusive software from MSI we can note the MSI Live Update tool for updating not only the driver but also the graphics card’s BIOS. The Dynamic Overclocking Technology is hardly valuable with respect to an RV635-based solution because the effect from overclocking is going to be negligible in games. You may also find the MSI Vivid technology interesting although we are rather skeptical about various kinds of software enhancements of the sound or image.

The AMD Ruby ROM Volume 1 disc contains an exclusive screensaver and desktop wallpaper with ATI’s official sex symbol, the red-haired Ruby, a few demos of games including Call of Juarez and Stranglehold, and a game client for the online RPG Dungeon Runners. This disc is just a nice free bonus.

So, the packaging of the MSI R3650-T2D512-OC is high quality but the accessories are just satisfactory and mostly due to the low price of the product. Of course, we didn’t hope to find an expensive software HD player included with a $100 graphics card but we guess a DVI-I → HDMI adapter must be provided if the product is meant for multimedia applications.

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