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The MSI N680GTX Lightning is one of the fastest single-GPU graphics card available today. It has a high GPU clock rate by default and can also be overclocked further. The Military III certification of the card refers to the use of expensive and durable components for it. Its Twin Frozr IV cooler is highly efficient, but cannot work quietly, which seems to be the only downside about this device. Its numerous accessories, 3-year warranty, attractive exterior design, highlighted fans, dust removal system and overclocker-friendly features make it an excellent, even though pricey, choice. Well, top-end graphics cards are not expected to be cheap, are they?

In conclusion we would like to award MSI N680GTX Lightning with our Ultimate Innovation title for all the hard engineering work that MSI has put into this product, which resulted into significant improvement of the PCB layout and a highly efficient cooling system:

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