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The goal of our today’s tests is to benchmark the two custom-made Radeon HD 6970s we have described above. We will also benchmark the VTX3D card, which proved to have the higher overclocking potential, at its maximum clock rates (975/5880 MHz). Finally, we will also benchmark a CrossFireX configuration built out of these two cards at 940/5700 MHz (we’ve done such tests before, but this time around we’ve got a new Catalyst driver and some new games on our list).

The graphics cards will be shown in the diagrams in the order of descending performance. The results of the CrossFireX configuration with two Radeon HD 6970s are purple. The results of the VTX3D Radeon HD 6970 X-Edition at its default and overclocked frequencies are red. The MSI Radeon HD 6970 Lightning is dark-gray and the reference AMD Radeon HD 6970 is blue in the diagrams. Each of these cards has 2 gigabytes of onboard memory, so this number is not indicated.

3DMark 2011

The difference between the pre-overclocked cards from MSI and VTX3D on one part and the reference AMD Radeon HD 6970 on the other amounts to 2-4% in 3DMark 2011, which doesn’t look like much. The pair of pre-overclocked HD 6970s shows their best in CrossFireX mode, enjoying a 76 to 96% advantage over one such card.

Unigine Heaven Demo

We’ve got the same picture here as in the previous test except that the CrossFireX configuration has an even larger advantage that amounts to 95-97%!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Here, the pre-overclocked cards increase the average frame rate by 2-4% in the lower-quality mode and by 5-8% in the 4x MSAA mode. The CrossFireX configuration can only show its huge potential at 2560x1600 in the MSAA mode when it is 90% faster than the single graphics card.

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