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Closer Look at MSI NX8800GTS-T2D640E-HD-OC Graphics Card

Package and Accessories

We’ve got a retail version of the product, packed into a colorful box together with all the accessories. The box is rather small, especially in comparison with the box of the MSI NX6800 GT that used to rival the huge packages of ASUS cards. Notwithstanding its modest size, the box has a traditional handle for carrying it.

The box is painted a placid mixture of white and blue colors. The face side is embellished with a picture of a cute angel girl – there are no aggressive motives that are so popular among graphics card makers. Three stickers tell the user that this card is pre-overclocked by its manufacturer, supports HDCP, and is accompanied with a full version of Company of Heroes. The back side of the box shows information about Nvidia SLI and MSI D.O.T. Express technologies. The latter is a dynamic overclocking technology that increases the graphics card’s performance by 2 to 10% depending on the employed overclocking profile.

We found the following in the box, besides the graphics card:

  • Brief installation guide
  • User’s manual
  • DVI-I-to-D-Sub converter
  • YPbPr/S-Video/RCA splitter
  • S-Video cable
  • 2хMolex -> 6-pin PCI Express power adapter
  • CD disk with MSI drivers and utilities
  • Company of Heroes game 2-disk set

Both manuals are designed as posters. Both are rather too simple and contain only some basic information. The brief user manual is written in as many as 26 languages, but you can’t get any info from it except for basic instructions on installing the card into your system. If the manuals were more detailed, they would be of more help for inexperienced users, we guess.

The driver CD contains an outdated version of ForceWare (97.29) and a number of exclusive utilities, particularly MSI DualCoreCenter and MSI Live Update 3. The former is a unified control center for overclocking both the graphics card and the CPU, but for the program to have its full functionality you must have an MSI mainboard with a CoreCell chip. So, this utility is going to be of little use for owners of other mainboards. MSI Live Update 3 is meant for keeping track of driver and BIOS updates and downloading them from the Internet. This is a handy tool for users who don’t want to delve into the intricacies of the manual BIOS update process.

Our thanks go to MSI for including a full version of the popular tactical RTS Company of Heroes into the box. It is a top-notch title, with superb visuals and exciting gameplay. Many players regard it as the best game of the genre which is also confirmed by numerous awards, particularly Best PC Strategy Game of E3 2006. As we wrote in our earlier reviews, Company of Heroes features visuals like those of a good first-person shooter and thus suits perfectly for demonstrating everything the GeForce 8800 GTS can do. Besides Company of Heroes, the discs contain a demo version of Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade.

The accessories to the MSI NX8800GTS-T2D640E-HD-OC are overall good including a full version of the highly popular tactical RTS Company of Heroes and the functional software from MSI.

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