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Gainward GeForce GTX 460 GS GLH

Packaging and Accessories

The graphics card comes in an ordinary rectangular box designed in Gainward’s traditional style with a picture of an angel with spread-out wings.

The packaging looks pretty but is not very informative. You can only learn the amount and type of the card’s graphics memory in the bottom right corner. A sticker above indicates that this is a Golden Sample – Goes Like Hell series product. This is an elite series from Gainward that features select GPUs capable of working at increased frequencies and pre-overclocked by the manufacturer. Running a little ahead, we can note that the Gainward GeForce GTX 460 GS GLH is indeed greatly pre-overclocked and the increased frequencies have a positive effect on its performance.

Inside the wrapper there is a cardboard box with multiple compartments. The graphics card lies in the central compartment, wrapped into a blister pack. The included accessories can be seen on both sides of it. Here they are:

  • One 2x4-pin PATA → 1x6-pin PCIe adapter;
  • Brief installation guide;
  • CD disk with drivers and utilities;
  • Super LoiLoScope discount coupon.

The accessories do not even include a second power adapter although the graphics card is equipped with two 6-pin PCIe 1.0 connectors. We guess a Golden Sample GLH product might have better accessories. By the way, the Super LoiLoScope coupon does not allow to get a free copy of the video editor with CUDA support. It only offers a 25% discount on that software.

All in all, the packaging and accessories of the Gainward GeForce GTX 460 GS GLH are far from impressive. The box is no different from a host of other graphics card boxes offered by other brands and the accessories provide but the basic functionality. On the other hand, we don’t have much gripe about that because this graphics card is not a premium-class product. Besides, it has a far more interesting selling point than a pretty box or rich accessories. We will tell you want we mean right now.

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