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Video Playback Quality


The satiation in the today’s video market has come to the point when very few people watch regular DVD movies on TVs and monitors with DVD’s native resolution. Most users prefer large screens with full-HD (1920x1080) resolution instead. So, the primary goal of any video processor is not the proper displaying of the video content, but rather the ability to upscale the image, correct the movement, reduce the noise, improve detail quality, etc. Video fragments used in HQV 2.0 DVD test are selected specifically to demonstrate how well contemporary chips can cope with all the above mentioned operations individually.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 failed to hit the maximum of 210 points, but the newcomer left all its competitors behind mostly due to better upscaling technology and multi-cadence tests. Looks like we have a new champion in DVD playback quality!

HQV 2.0 Blu-Ray

The new HQV 2.0 Blu-ray suite, which is very similar to HQV 2.0 DVD, allows to subjectively study similar functionality of the new video processor in high resolutions.

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Unfortunately, the new G104 graphics processor can’t catch up with its rivals from the ATI Radeon HD series in terms of the HD content playback quality. It reached 147 point out of 210, which is a very good result. I doubt that those users who watch HD movies from Blu-ray disks instead of upscaling the pseudo-HD image from iTunes and other similar services may ever be unhappy about the end result.

I have to point out that HQV 2.0 DVD, just like HQV 2.0 BD allows adapting driver settings for different popular videos, so that you could get maximum score in the end. This way you can uncover the theoretical potential of contemporary graphics accelerators in terms of video playback. IDT won’t approve this approach and has little practical value because real movies contain a lot of scenes filmed in different places with different lighting and even using different cameras, which means that the value of GPUs lies in their ability to adapt themselves for a specific scene.

When you look at the results of HQV benchmarks, you should remember that the scores are very subjective, so slight difference between the total scores of graphics cards is hardly critical.

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