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First of all I would like to remind our readers that the MSRP of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 is set at $249. And even though the reality of the today’s market will not allow it to settle at this price soon enough, this new graphics accelerator seems to be a very appealing purchase from several different aspects. Even though its graphics processor is technically weaker, GeForce GTX 760 outperforms GeForce GTX 660 Ti due to its 256-bit memory, higher GPU clock speed and GPU Boost 2.0 technology. As a result, there is a 14% advantage that GeForce GTX 760 on average demonstrates over the GTX 660 Ti. Moreover, today we have also observed that the newcomer fell only a little bit (around 8%) behind a graphics card from a completely different category but from the previous generation – GeForce GTX 670, which can be easily eliminated by simply overclocking the new GeForce GTX 760. However, our today’s hero cannot catch up with the GTX 770 product even in the overclocked mode. Moreover, the recommended price difference between the two suggests that it could be quite logical to have something like a GeForce GTX 760 Ti come to fill in this gap. Moreover, GeForce GTX 760 competes quite successfully against a more expensive Radeon HD 7950, but again this conclusion is based on the recommended pricing. We are going to find out pretty soon what it will be like once this graphics card starts selling in stores. As for the weaknesses of the reference GeForce GTX 760, there is only one thing that needs to be pointed out at this time: not very efficient and noisy cooling system. Therefore, if you made up your mind about getting yourself one of these new graphics cards, we would highly recommend to check out proprietary designs with alternative coolers and incr4ased clock speeds.

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