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The new professional graphics card Quadro 5000 from Nvidia is a success. Using one GPU with Fermi architecture, it delivers higher performance than its predecessor Quadro FX 4800. We have not found any obvious defects in it, actually. The Quadro 5000 is not hotter or louder and does not consume much more power than its precursor but boasts 1 GB more of graphics memory for processing complex 3D models and supporting higher FSAA modes. Like the FX 4800, the Quadro 5000 supports SDI daughter cards and can work in SLI configurations. Most importantly, the Quadro 5000 comes at a recommended price of $2249, which is quite a normal price for a top-performance professional graphics card.

 In other words, the GF100 chip, not blameless on gaming graphics cards, turns to be optimal for fast graphics workstations.

Although we couldn’t compare the Quadro 5000 with AMD’s new-generation professional cards in this review, we are sure that Nvidia’s offer is going to be more appealing for most engineers and designers as it comes with better manufacturer’s support. Nvidia develops specialized software, including mini-drivers for the most popular 3D suites, to improve performance of its solutions even more. So, we don’t expect any changes in the trends on the professional graphics card market: Nvidia seems to be ready to expand its market share further.

A comprehensive comparative review of new-generation professional graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD is on our plans, so stay tuned with us!

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