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Nvidia Quadro 5000: Driver Support

It is not only the hardware capabilities of professional graphics cards that ensure high performance in CAD and CAM applications because optimized drivers are an important factor, too. Nvidia supplies special software for its Quadro series which differs from its ordinary gaming card drivers. It must be noted that, despite the similar hardware, the drivers for the Quadro and GeForce series cards are not compatible.

The professional and gaming drivers have a lot in common, though. For example, they have the same interface of the control panel.

Most of the settings are identical, to. In fact, the Quadro series drivers have the same basic options but feature setup profiles optimized for professional 3D applications rather than games.

There are other differences, though. As opposed to gaming cards, even based on the GF100 too, the Quadro 5000 supports higher antialiasing modes, up to 32x. If you combine two Quadro 5000 cards in SLI mode, you will be able to use even higher antialiasing modes, up to 128x.

Besides, the Quadro series drivers have built-in support for the stereo glasses and do not require that you install some additional software as you do with the GeForce series. The stereo technology itself differs somewhat on the Quadro series as the professional card supports stereoscopic vision not only in full-screen but also in windowed mode.

There are also unique options in the control panel of the Quadro driver. For example, you can enable ECC for the graphics memory.

Besides optimizing the basic drivers for CAD and CAM applications, Nvidia provides specialized mini drivers for graphics acceleration in Autodesk 3ds max and Autodesk AutoCAD. The mini drivers provide a substantial performance boost in these applications.

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