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AMD FirePro W7000

The FirePro W7000 is a professional graphics card that’s entirely different from the top-end models of the FirePro series. It has a Southern Islands GPU, too, but it is the simpler Pitcairn rather than the Tahiti chip. In other words, the W8000 is related to the Radeon HD 7970 and HD 7950 whereas the W7000 is a professional counterpart of the Radeon HD 7870. So while the FirePro W9000 and W8000 models came to replace the FirePro V9800, the FirePro W7000 is a new solution of the FirePro V7900 class.

On the architectural level, the FirePro W7000 sports a full-featured Pitcairn GPU without any disabled subunits. Thus, the GPU has 20 execution modules with 1280 shader processors and 32 raster operators. Like the W8000, it has 4 GB of onboard memory connected via a 256-bit bus.

Notwithstanding certain simplifications, the FirePro W7000 has many things in common with the W8000. They offer different computing performance but are similar in terms of graphics memory. The clock rates are somewhat different, too. The FirePro W7000 clocks its GPU and memory at 950 MHz and 4.8 GHz, so its pixel fill rate is higher at 30.4 Gpixel/s than that of the W8000. Its texture fill rate is 76 Gtexel/s. The peak memory bandwidth is 153 GB/s.

Since the Pitcairn is overall simpler than the Tahiti, the FirePro W7000 looks very economical in comparison with AMD’s flagship professional graphics cards. Its peak power draw is specified to be lower than 150 watts, and its PCB design indicates this fact. It only has one 6-pin power connector and is equipped with a single-slot cooler.

The cooler is interesting for having no counterparts among AMD’s gaming products which generally come with compact, yet still dual-slot coolers. The FirePro W7000’s cooling system looks like a flattened cooler from the W8000, which has a negative effect on its noisiness. The fan has to rotate at rather high speeds on this card, making the W7000 the noisiest among the professional cards covered in this review. One more peculiarity of the W7000’s single-slot cooler is that it doesn’t exhaust the hot air out of the computer case. By the way, the W7000 is not much shorter at 24 cm than its senior cousin.

The FirePro W7000 has the same video interfaces as the W8000, i.e. four DisplayPorts. DVI monitors can be connected to it via an adapter. With MST hubs, you can connect up to six monitors, as to any other top-end professional cards from AMD. Moreover, the FirePro W7000 has a connector for building CrossFireX configurations and a connector for the synchronization module FirePro S400.

The FirePro W7000 costs about $750, which is only half the price of the W8000.

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