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Having established their reputation as the dominating leader in the professional graphics cards market long time ago, Nvidia doesn’t rest on the laurels but keeps on regularly updating their workstation-oriented offers, introducing new graphics architectures and improving their performance and other parameters. The Quadro K5000 card we’ve tested today is a good example of that tendency. Replacing the Quadro 5000 model, the new product is about 35% faster and some 20% more economical, besides a number of other advantages. Most importantly, the Quadro K5000 is priced typically for its class, which makes it a highly attractive offer for designers and engineers who need high graphics processing performance.

Having done well in gaming cards, the GK104 chip seems to be perfect for professional products as well. Nvidia did not just borrow the successful gaming card design, but also optimized it. First of all, they changed the power profile and clock rates, which explains the high energy efficiency of the Quadro K5000. Second, the professional card comes with more onboard memory, so it can easily cope with complex models and high-quality textures. Third, the Quadro series features CAD/CAM/CAE-optimized drivers. And fourth, the Quadro K5000 supports a new version of the Maximus technology, so it can be used together with Kepler-based Tesla computing cards, and is compatible with the Mosaic technology which allows connecting multiple monitors to it simultaneously.

However, we have some comments for Nvidia programmers. They have mostly to do with the way Quadro K5000 works with AutoCAD 2013. For some reason they haven’t upgraded the AutoCAD mini-driver to support AutoCAD 2013, so the Quadro K5000 cannot show its best in that popular application. The same goes for Creo Parametric 2.0. Hopefully, these downsides will be eliminated very soon. After all, appropriate tech support is what we can expect from professional graphics cards and Nvidia has always been careful about polishing off the drivers to impeccable level.

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