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The problem is in the layer of a synthetic dielectric between the back-plate and the PCB:

So, the hottest part of the card’s reverse side finds itself in what is virtually a heat bag and the temperature of the 7600 GT can only but grow under such conditions. This is not much of a problem at the default frequencies, but an overclocker will have to change the cooler.

The cooler has a simple design: a blower in a plastic casing and a small aluminum heatsink. There’s thermal grease between the core and the cooler:

The cooler proved to be much less louder than I had expected. It is in fact one of the quietest among blowers of that type, so the Palit GeForce 7600 GT won’t break your acoustic comfort. You shouldn’t be worried about the small size of the cooler. It does its job well: the GPU temperature wasn’t higher than 65°C at the default frequencies during tests on an open testbed.

The sticker with the model and the serial number looks intriguing:

Is Palit going to release a 7600 GS with the same PCB design as the 7600 GT and with GDDR3 memory?

The card has a D-Sub instead of a second DVI output, which looks like a drawback to me. The remaining DVI-I has the dual-link functionality, though, and this graphics card can output to XHD monitors in resolutions up to 2560x1600.

I reached 628/832 (1664) MHz frequencies when I overclocked the card with its native cooling system on an open testbed. When I improved the thermal conditions by installing a liquid cooling system, I recorded a 15MHz core frequency growth under the same conditions. This is an average result for the 1.2ns memory chips. It turned out, however, that the memory was not to blame. Palit’s engineers just set 1.8V as the default memory voltage for this card instead of 2.0V voltage which is normal for the 7600 GT.

That’s the end of the descriptive part and we can move on to the point of the review – overclocking with volt-modding.

But first read our disclaimer and think again if you really need that.

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