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Cooling System

The unique PCB design called for a unique cooler. Well, the cooler is actually quite familiar to us.

In fact, it is a version of the reference cooler of the GeForce 7900 GTX card except that the heatsink consisting of thin aluminum plates is now smaller and doesn’t press against the card’s mounting bracket. Two heat pipes connect the heatsink to the copper base and ensure uniform distribution of heat. An axial fan is installed on the heatsink to blow downward as well as sideways. The developer must have wanted that some of the hot air were exhausted out of the system case through the slits in the mounting bracket. However, the air will largely remain inside because the heatsink’s ribs do not reach to those slits and the heatsink lacks an air-directing casing.

The fan has a 4-pin connection with PWM-based speed regulation. The whole arrangement is secured on the PCB with four spring-loaded screws. The cooler sits firmly and the GPU die is additionally protected with the metallic frame on its package.

Some of the airflow is driven downward to cool the PCB and its components such as memory chips which are additionally equipped with two heat-spreading plates, one plate for each four chips. There are no cooling elements on the power transistors of the power circuit.

This cooler doesn’t seem to have obvious advantages over the reference one that has inherited all the best features of the reference cooler of the GeForce 8800 GTX and is deservedly considered one of the best reference coolers ever. We are going to make our final verdict about Palit’s cooler after we check out its noise and efficiency in the next section of the review. We’ll also measure the power draw of the 55nm version of the G92.

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