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Perhaps the main reason why AMD and Nvidia develop dual-processor graphics cards is that they want to emphasize their superiority over the competitor, so such products are, as a rule, based on expensive top-end GPUs. Clock rates and even functional subunits may be sacrificed in order to keep the power consumption and heat dissipation of a dual-processor graphics card within reasonable limits, yet formally AMD Radeon HD 6990 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 are indeed based on the fastest GPUs available.

Well, most rules have exceptions. PowerColor, a subsidiary of TUL Corporation, has taken on the risk of developing a dual-processor graphics card with midrange rather than top-end GPUs. The product is called PowerColor Radeon HD 6870X2.

You will learn how fast, hot and noisy the new graphics card is from this review.


Packaging and Accessories

The card comes in a big and pretty-looking box with steel-like symbols “X2” on its front. From the text on the box you can learn the name of the product, the amount of graphics memory, what video outputs it has and what multi-monitor configurations it supports. A sticker informs you that the game DiRT 3 is shipped with the product.


The back of the box offers more information like descriptions of the product’s key features, cooling system and “platinum” PCB. There is even a diagram comparing the performance of PowerColor’s dual-chip card with that of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 580.

Besides a DiRT 3 coupon, the accessories include two power adapters, one mini-HDMI->HDMI adapter, one DVI-I->VGA adapter, a CrossFire connector, a CD with drivers and an installation guide.

The graphics card is manufactured in China. The warranty period is 2 years. Its recommended price is $499 but it sells in retail for more ($509 and higher), just as you can expect from a new and unique product.

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