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Package and Accessories

The PowerColor X1900 GT graphics card belongs to PowerColor’s family of products based around Radeon X1900 GPUs, and its box is designed in the appropriate manner.

Pink is now added to the previous three colors (blue for the PowerColor X1900 XT, red for the PowerColor X1900 XTX and yellow for the PowerColor X1900 XTX CrossFire Edition). This kind of color coding allows telling different graphics card models from PowerColor apart without reading the text on their boxes.

And again, the use of the metallic effect doesn’t look garish because of the overall discretion of design. Besides some text, there is a sketchy image of the graphics card on the box – this makes it look like the package of the PowerColor X1800 GTO (for details see our article called PowerColor Radeon X1800 GTO Graphics Card: the Best in Its Class? ).

The small box will easily fit into any plastic bag for you to carry it home. As usual, there’s a main cardboard box under the colorful envelope. The graphics card lies in it on a cardboard tray. The accessories to the card are placed under this tray. Unlike in packages from ASUS, the card is simply wrapped into an antistatic bag and is not firmly fixed in place, but the contents won’t survive anyway if the box is severely damaged during transportation.

We opened the box up to find the following, besides a sample of the PowerColor X1900 GT graphics card:

  • Installation guide
  • Two DVI-I → D-Sub adapters
  • VIVO splitter (S-Video and RCA)
  • YPbPr splitter
  • Power splitter
  • S-Video cable
  • RCA cable
  • CD with drivers
  • CD with CyberLink software

This is a typical set of accessories you can expect to get hold of when you buy a PowerColor product. Exceptions are rare. It’s only with some top-end models that the company may include a couple of games. This lowers the price of the end product, making it more appealing to people who are not interested in games they can get along with a graphics card. Still, we think the PowerColor X1900 GT is a rather advanced product and might have come with at least one game and with a paper user manual, notwithstanding the fact that you receive a full electronic version of the manual on the enclosed Drivers CD.

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