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Prince of Persia: Plot and Gameplay

Announced on December 9, 2008, the new Prince of Persia game for the PC platform is neither a remake of the original game nor a continuation of the Sands of Time trilogy. The only allusion is the name of the protagonist’s donkey, Farah, but the protagonist himself is still a nameless Prince, quite a different individuality with a good sense of humor.

The game plot draws much from Zoroastrian mythology, Zoroastrianism having been the dominant religion in Ancient Persia. The story begins with the Prince getting caught in a sandstorm.


The visibility being poor, the hero is looking for his donkey that carries a load of gold and slips down from a precipice. At the same moment a girl fleeing from pursuers falls down on him.


Not an auspicious beginning, but the intrigued Prince follows the girl, beating the armed pursuers off.


This section of the game helps you learn the basic acrobatic tricks such as jumping and running on walls. The game abounds in such tricks, some of which are not easy to perform. Therefore this training is most appropriate.


As the story unfolds, you learn that the mysterious girl is called Elika and that she’s going to a temple where the dark god Ahriman is held captive. There the Prince meets Elika’s father who’s going to destroy the seal that holds Ahriman and set him free. The Prince defeats Elika’s father but the latter cuts the Tree of Life and triggers the process of release.




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