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Nvidia Quadro FX 4600

Although the digital index of the Quadro FX 4600 model is not too high, this graphics accelerator, just like Quadro FX 5600, belongs to the high-end solutions. No wonder, the formal specifications of Quadro FX 4600 card are very close to those of GeForce 8800 GTS. In fact, it even uses a similarly designed PCB 229mm long.

Quadro FX 4600 is based on G80 chip manufactured with 90nm process. It works at 500/1200MHz (these are frequencies of the geometric and shader domains respectively). So, the graphics card supports DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0. Just like the gaming counterpart, Quadro FX 4600 has fewer, 96, streaming processors. So, the theoretical triangles processing speed of this graphics card is 250 million triangles per second and the fillrate reaches 12 billion texels per second.

However, the analogy between Quadro FX 4600 and GeForce 8800 GTS is not complete. Unlike its gaming relative, Quadro FX 4600 is equipped with 768MB GDDR3 SDRAM that allows employing fully-fledged 384-bit memory bus on this card. In this case the memory works at 1400MHz frequency providing 65.8GB/s bandwidth.

The maximum power consumption of the Quadro FX 4600 is 134W, so the card can do with only one 6-pin power supply connector.

Quadro FX 4600 borrowed the design of its cooling system from the gaming graphics cards. It uses a standard dual-slot cooler including a massive aluminum base, a heatsink array of thin ribs, a heatpipe, a centrifugal fan and a transparent plastic casing. This cooling solution proved highly efficient and pretty low-noise even in gaming cards that is why we were not at all surprised to see Nvidia employ it for their professional graphics card series as well.

Quadro FX 4600 comes equipped with a pretty standard set of connectors for the solution of this class: two DVI connectors and one stereo connector. Of course, both DVI ports support Dual-Link technology that allows connecting two monitors with up to 2560x1600@60Hz resolution.

It is important to point out that Quadro FX 4600 may also work in SLI configurations that are supported in the hardware as well as in the drivers. Also this card theoretically supports GenLock and FrameLock (professional image synchronization with the external source and cluster visualization technologies), however the Nvidia Quadro G-Sync daughter card required for their proper functioning is not available yet, even though there is the corresponding connector at the upper edge of the PCB.

Nvidia Quadro FX 4600 sample we received for our tests was made by PNY Company. However, it doesn’t actually matter, as all professional graphics cards on Nvidia chips are anyway manufactured on one and the same facility.

So, PNY is responsible only for the packaging and accessories bundle that includes two DVI→D-Sub adapters and a power adapter for the 6-pin power connectors on the PCB. The recommended price of this solution is set at $1,995.

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