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ATI FirePro V3750

Although the model name of FirePro V3750 graphics card differs from the previous solution only by the third digit, this professional graphics solution can offer a completely new level of performance. It is determined mostly by the fact that it is based on a faster new graphics processor – RV730. Nevertheless, AMD positions FirePro V3750 as an entry-level professional graphics accelerator, so this solution can in fact offer a much more attractive price-to-performance ratio. Average retail price of the FirePro V3750 card is about $150, while its theoretical performance is 10 times higher than that of FirePro V3700.

If we try to make an analogy to the gaming graphics cards, then we could say that FirePro V3750 is coming from the image of Radeon HD 4650. However, the professional solution does differ dramatically from the latter. The graphics processor on FirePro V3750 works at lower 550 MHz frequency, while the memory – at higher 1400 MHz frequency. Moreover, the professional graphics accelerator is equipped with only 256 MB of GDDR3 video memory, which is considered way too little for gaming graphics cards of comparative price. Nevertheless, despite lower amount of onboard video memory, the professional card, just like its gaming counterpart uses 128-bit interface. I have to stress that this graphics card turns out more than twice as fast as V3700 in certain applications due to the new GPU with 320 shader processors and 8 raster units.

The mere looks of the FirePro V3750 card indicate that it is a much more serious solution. It uses the same PCB as Radeon HD 4650. It means that they implemented not only Dual-link DVI out but also two Displayport outs, which, however, support only 2560x1600 maximum resolution.

Note that due to fact that professional AMD cards use the same unified design as the gaming ones, there are connectors for building CrossFireX configurations. However, it is important to remember that the existing FirePro drivers do not support this technology.

The cooling system on FirePro V3750 is not any different from the Radeon HD 4650 cooler. It is an exact same small copper cooler with a fan that gets pretty loud in 3D modes. The cooler covers both: the GPU and the memory chips. So, the only distinguishing feature on the front of the FirePro V3750 is the color of the external cooler casing. However, when we look at the back side of the PCB we immediately notice that it has less video memory: there are a few empty spots for GDDR3 SDRAM chips.

We got our hands on a retail boxed version of FirePro V3750 graphics card. So we can state that among the bundled accessories the users will also get two adapters: DVI→D-Sub and Displayport→DVI. Besides that, there are also a CD disk with drivers and a small marketing booklet. This modest accessories bundle from the gaming graphics cards standpoint will hardly surprise professional users: they would most likely be puzzled rather than thrilled if they got a couple of free games with their graphics accelerator.

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