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Let’s check Return to Castle Wolfenstein game. We used Checkpoint demo with all detail settings on the maximum.

The smooth and glossy OpenGL driver from NVIDIA makes GeForce4 MX an unquestioned winner on this lap. But that’s not all. Note how badly 128MB RADEON 9100 behaves: it fell behind the 64MB card, especially in 1024x768, and nearly dropped down to the level of RADEON 9000! ATI programming folks must have spent a lot of time on the driver for the 9000 series. And thus they spoil all the fun for their marketing fellows: 9100 and 9000 swap places here!

Now comes Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. We used Grand Cathedral demo with “Quality” settings, forced tri-linear filtering and 32-bit color depth.

Although NVIDIA programmers didn’t optimize GeForce4 MX here (or maybe didn’t want to), the funny thing about RADEON 9000 cards outperforming the RADEON 9100 ones repeats again.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo is the next. We use flyby-antalus demo with default settings.

Things clear up in this test: RADEON 9100 is faster than RADEON 9000, though RADEON 8500LE 128MB keeps its leading position.

Winding up our test session, we would like to admit that both cards we have just tested are of very high quality. They proved very stable at work. As for 2D, we didn’t detect any problems with the image quality here. The picture didn’t lose its sharpness in 1600x1200@85Hz as well as in 1280x1024@120Hz.

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