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PowerColor Go! Green Radeon HD 6750 Dirt3 Edition (1GBD5-NS3DHG)

PowerColor's card - Go! Green Raden HD 6750 Dirt3 Edition - is going to be liked by eco-conscious users due to its green concept. Its box is quite informative, by the way:


The Go! Green series features reduced power consumption. PowerColor suggests that this contributes to saving our planet’s resources.

The card comes with a minimum of accessories: a power adapter, a disc with drivers, a user manual and a coupon for downloading DiRT 3:

The PowerColor Go! Green Radeon HD 6750 is manufactured in China and costs about $139. We don’t know how long its warranty period is.

The graphics card looks unusual and even ridiculous with its tilted heatsink:

The heatsink seems to be just sloppily installed but this is actually a special feature of the cooling system: the left edge of the bottom heatsink fins press against the card’s DVI outputs and PowerColor didn’t take the trouble of cutting them off to align the heatsink properly. The card looks small after the huge products from ASUS and Gigabyte and measures 202x138x42 mm. Its PCB is 182 millimeters long.

The PowerColor card is equipped with two DVI-I outputs, one HDMI connector and one DisplayPort.

Although the least advanced card in this test session, it features as many as two MIO connectors for building CrossFireX configurations.



It's hard to think of scenarios where you might want to build such CrossFireX subsystems, but the lack of a 6-pin power connector is going to be appreciated by users with low-wattage power supplies.

The card has a 3-phase power circuit. There are aluminum heatsinks on its memory chips.

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