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PCB Design

The HIS Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X looks beautiful and exquisite. The turquoise color of the plastic cooler casing matches the translucent impeller of the fan, so the whole looks gorgeous.

If you look at the card from above, you can see heat pipes going out of the cooler's base. The reverse side of the PCB is open. The card measures 260x142x42 millimeters.

The HIS Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X has a standard selection of video interfaces for a Cayman-based product: two DVI-I ports (dual-link and single-link), one HDMI version 1.4a, and two mini-DisplayPorts version 1.2.

As you can see, there is also a vent grid in the card’s mounting bracket for exhausting the hot air out of the system case.

The HIS Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X has two 6-pin power connectors and two MIO connectors for CrossFireX configurations:


As opposed to Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 cards, this one lacks a BIOS selector. The peak power consumption is specified to be 200 watts in 3D mode, so HIS recommends a 500-watt or better PSU for a computer this graphics card is installed in. The power consumption is going to drop to 20 watts in 2D mode.

The HIS Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X features a custom PCB that resembles those of Radeon HD 6870 rather than HD 6950/HD 6970 cards.

The power circuit follows a 4+2 formula with four phases for the GPU and two phases for the graphics memory. It is managed by a CHiL 8214 controller from CHiL Semiconductor.

The same controller can be found on Radeon HD 68xx series products.

The 40nm Cayman CE processor was manufactured in Taiwan on the 49th week of 2010(!):

If AMD supplies such old chips to its partners, we can expect them to be available in large quantities. The lifecycle of Radeon HD 6930 may turn out to be not so short after all. The GPU has the following configuration: 1280 unified shader processors, 32 raster back-ends and 80 texture-mapping units. Like the reference HD 6930, the card has a GPU clock rate of 750 MHz (at 1.16 volts) in 3D mode and 250 MHz (at 0.9 volts) in 2D mode.

The HIS Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X is equipped with 1 gigabyte of GDDR5 memory in eight FCFBGA chips located on the face side of the PCB. The chips are manufactured by Hynix Semiconductor and labeled as H5GQ1H24BFR T2C.

The rated frequency of the memory chips is 5000 MHz at a voltage of 1.5 volts, but the HIS Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X clocks them at 4800 MHz, in compliance with the official Radeon HD 6930 specifications. This gives us some headroom for good overclocking. The memory bus is 256 bits wide, providing a bandwidth of 153.9 GB/s. The memory frequency is lowered to 600 MHz in 2D mode.

Here is a summary of the HIS Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X specs:

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