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Performance in RPGs

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is one of the most anticipated titles of the year. This is the first opportunity to see how much appetite this latest video game has. Since the engine is based on the same basic build as the one seen before in the Mass Effect 2 we might have expected fps to be in the hundreds.

AMD Radeon HD 6990 might have seemed to be the undisputed leader here but in reality the last generation Radeon HD 5970 is not that far behind. Enhanced mode has its merits as it raises performance level quite a notch. Be assured that even in the 2560x1600 resolution you won't have a scene where extra power might be required.

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money

RPG genre games are not necessarily about picture quality and photorealistic shadows. It may be that Fallout: New Vegas is not going to load your system as much as Crysis or Metro 2033 but it is still good to know that you are not going to have any difficulties exploring post-apocalyptic Nevada desert. Due to low requirements of the game engine AMD Radeon HD 6990 performs as good as any other participant in our review.

Mass Effect 2

We enforced full-screen antialiasing using graphics driver override capabilities.

AMD Radeon HD 6990 brings home a significant lead over GeForce GTX 580. In case you ever feel that 88 fps is not enough for your galactic odyssey, there is always a BIOS profile option on the side of the graphics card and with a flick of a switch followed by a system restart you can hit over 100 fps in the heaviest resolution.

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