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Today’s game of tag turned out to be a 66.6% success, because two overclocked graphics cards of the three managed to catch up with the higher-end models and even outperform them. For example, MSI R7870 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC at its nominal frequencies is just a little bit behind the reference Radeon HD 7950 in most tests. And after pretty substantial overclocking, the MSI card leaves the competitor far behind. As for PowerColor PCS+ HD 7850, it successfully defeated the reference Radeon HD 7870, but only if overclocked. When tested at its nominal frequencies, the PowerColor card would more often fall behind the reference HD 7870 rather than get ahead of it. finally, the graphics card that never managed to reach the next performance level – XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Edition: Super Overclocked. Unfortunately, the high-frequency Cape Verde XT GPU with a 128 bit bus and 1 GB of memory couldn’t repeat the success of its today’s fellow testing participants.

We would like to once again draw your attention to GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448. The performance of this graphics card from Asus is high enough to guarantee successful competition against Radeon HD 7850, and during overclocking – even against Radeon HD 7870. Moreover, the price of this Nvidia GPU based graphics card is right between the prices of the above mentioned rivals from AMD. We dare assume that the long anticipated launch of the new GeForce GTX 660, which should be at least 35-40% faster than the GTX 560 Ti, will catalyze an even fiercer competition in the mainstream price segment and will stimulate another price drop on both sides.

As for the specific graphics accelerators discussed in our today’s article, we should definitely point out that they all come with factory overclocking, i.e. work at higher nominal clock speeds. We would like to once again praise MSI Radeon HD R7870 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC for highly efficient cooling system, richest accessories bundle and beautiful packaging, but at the same time we have to point out some issues with the graphics card assembly: despite excessive amount of thermal paste, there was no proper contact between the GPU and the cooler base. The potential owners of the PowerColor PCS+ HD 7850 must be pleased with the compact size of the PCB and efficient cooling system, but they might be disappointed with the level of noise generated by the cooling fan. The quietest of the three is XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Edition: Super Overclocked. Moreover, its cooling system is excellent, but the performance of this baby is way too modest. However, do not forget that its price is also exceptionally low, so you can’t really expect more from it. Anyway, as I always say - the choice is yours.

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