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PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 2 GB (AX850 2GBD5-2DHPP)

Power Color company has three different Radeon HD 7850 graphics cards in their line-up, including PCS+ HD7850 2 GB, which is the fastest HD 7850 based product with factory overclocking. This is the card we will talk about in our today’s article.

The compact but very bright-colored box is decorated with four icons about the card’s overclocking potential, 15% higher stability, 15% lower noise and 15% lower temperatures. There you can also find the information about the size of the onboard video memory and the list of available ports and connectors.


The back of the box contains a detailed description of the graphics card features and functionality as well as supported technologies. Beneath a colorful exterior box, there is another box made of thick cardboard, which holds the graphics card and its few available accessories beneath the card:

Among them are a mini DisplayPort → DisplayPort adapter, a DVI → D-Sub adapter, a CrossFireX bridge, a CD disk with drivers and utilities and an installation guide. The card is manufactured in China and is priced at $259. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

This is a pretty compact graphics card measuring only 210x117x37 mm. The front of the PCB is completely hidden beneath a cooling system casing with a single fan in the center:


If you look from the top, you can see the heatpipes coming out of the cooler heatsink and a stiffening rib. All connectors, including PCI-E, are carefully covered with protective plastic caps.

PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 has two DVI-I (Dual-Link) Outs, one HDMI version 1.4s and two mini DisplayPort version 1.2 ports:

There was enough room on the bracket for additional vent holes.

The graphics card has one MIO connector for CrossFireX and one six-pin connector for additional power:


There is a spot laid out for another power connector right next to it, which is a good sign: it indicates that the PCB layout is unique. And it turned out exactly the case:

Unlike the reference Radeon HD 7850, PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 has a 5+1+1 VRM circuitry (GPU + Memory + PLL), just like the top Radeon HD 7870 cards:

However, this PCB is shorter and has only one connector, which didn’t prevent PowerColor from juicing the Pitcairn Pro core to the fullest. This 28 nm graphics processor made in Taiwan on week 13 of 2012 works at 1000 MHz, which is 140 MHz or 16.3% higher than the clock frequency of the regular HD 7850 and equals the default clock of the HD 7870:

The memory has also been slightly overclocked. It has the same exact marking as the memory on the above discussed MSI card. Its effective clock frequency is 4900 MHz or +100 MHz above the nominal frequency of a Radeon HD 7850:

So, the overall specifications of the PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 look as follows:

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