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The graphics card is equipped with XFX’s unique Double Dissipation cooling system, which we have already discussed before. Although instead of a vapor chamber there is a simple copper plate with rubber pads preventing shifting and tilting during installation:

Since this is a relatively inexpensive graphics card, this solution seems quite justified. Thin aluminum fins are soldered to the copper plate with two 70-mm fans installed on top of them:

The fans are made by FirstD Company and their rotation speed is automatically adjusted by the graphics card in the interval between 1100 and 4250 RPM:

Although the cooling system features fairly simple design and the GPU works at higher frequencies, the graphics card temperature remained quite low:

Automatic fan mode

Maximum fan speed

In automatic fan mode, the GPU temperature reached 70°C and the fans sped up to 2120 RPM. At the maximum speed of 4250 RPM the GPU temperature froze at 58°C and never rose beyond that. Very nice!

Without any changes to the GPU voltage we managed to overclock the GPU only to 1150 MHz, which is hardly considered overclocking at all:

The memory, however, overclocked best of all on this card without any stability losses or image artifacts. It reached the effective frequency of 6020 MHz. But even after such impressive boost the thermal mode of this graphics card remained within acceptable limits: 74°C at 2330 RPM rotation speed:

Overclocking with the GPU voltage increased to 1.25 V didn’t boost the MHz count as much as we wished it would, but our XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Edition: Super Overclocked did conquer the 1200 MHz bar:

Although we had to set the fan rotation speed at the maximum in order to keep the GPU temperature below 70°C.

In conclusion, I have to admit that XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Edition: Super Overclocked didn’t impress us too much, especially since you can only get a modest performance boost from using higher clock frequencies on graphics cards with a 128 bit bus.

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