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Total War: Shogun 2

CrossFireX is blameless in Total War: Shogun 2, even in terms of the bottom speed.

Crysis 2

But the bottom speed is the problem in Crysis 2:

As you can see, CrossFireX doesn’t increase the bottom speed of the multi-GPU configurations in any of the test modes. Moreover, it gets disabled when antialiasing is turned on. We couldn’t solve this problem by choosing the Crysis 2 profile in the Catalyst control panel or forcing the AFR mode on for CrossFireX.

DiRT 3

CrossFireX works blamelessly here with both tandems.

Hard Reset Demo

When antialiasing is turned off, the CrossFireX tandems are limited by the platform’s performance in Hard Reset Demo, so there are no serious benefits relative to the single graphics cards. With 4x MSAA the Radeon-based multi-GPU configurations enjoy a larger advantage – up to 80%. The bottom speed doesn’t grow up consistently, though. It may be lower than the bottom speed of the single graphics card in some situations.

Batman: Arkham City

It’s similar to Hard Reset but the bottom speed of the CrossFireX configurations is always higher compare to the single card.

Battlefield 3

CrossFireX can work in Battlefield 3 neither automatically nor when we manually select any of its modes. Some users suggest that you can enable CrossFireX in this game by minimizing and maximizing the application window a few times, but this trick didn't work for us.

Here’s a table with full test results:

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