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Graphics cards with ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series GPUs keep on attacking their opponents on each front. By today, the dual-processor Radeon HD 5970 has affirmed itself as a premium-class solution, the high-end sector is occupied by the Radeon HD 5870 and 5850 whereas the Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750 are getting more and more popular as mainstream products. A Radeon HD 5830 with a highly attractive price/performance ratio is scheduled for release, too. It is only in the low-end sector that there have been no graphics cards with the new GPU architecture and DirectX 11 support. To make up for this deficiency, AMD has rolled up its Radeon HD 5670 graphics card which is based on the 40-nm Redwood GPU, the junior model in the Evergreen family.

The new card’s recommended price is below $100, so it is targeted at very inexpensive computers and undemanding gamers. There will be even cheaper graphics cards of the ATI Radeon 54xx series, but they can hardly be called gaming devices due to their indecently low specs.

In this review I will describe the ATI Radeon HD 5670 and test it in comparison with same-price opponents as well as with the more advanced Radeon HD 5770 so that you could see the gap between the Redwood and Juniper and know what you can get by paying more for the faster card. Besides, I will also benchmark two Radeon HD 5670 cards in CrossFireX mode. This configuration is interesting as the cards do not have MIO slots for a CrossFireX bridge and are linked through the mainboard’s chipset instead. Such issues as power consumption, heat dissipation and noise will also be covered. So, let’s get started.

Graphics Cards Specifications

The following table lists the Radeon HD 5670 specs in comparison with its market opponents and elder cousins.

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