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World in Conflict

In this game we can see the Radeon HD 5870 depend on the speed of the platform until the high-quality mode at 1920x1200. The CrossFireX configuration responds eagerly to the increased performance of the platform even at the FSAA + AF settings. The bottom speed grows up faster than the average frame rate.

The results on the AMD platform are surprising. The CrossFireX technology brings but a small performance gain, which is downright poor in comparison with what we get on the Intel platforms. Could it be the lack of eight PCIe lanes? If so, why didn’t we see this in the three previous tests where the CrossFireX mode boosted the speed to the same extent on all the platforms? I’ll give you my explanation later on. Right now, let’s move on to the next game.


Easy to see, the Intel Core i7 platform is the optimal choice for one or even two Radeon HD 5870 cards as it easily beats the other two platforms. The performance of the single Radeon HD 5870 does not grow up much when the CPU is overclocked whereas the CrossFireX subsystem speeds up in nearly every test mode and resolution. The AMD Phenom II X4 is disappointing again. When overclocked, it is no faster than the platform with the Intel Core 2 Duo. I must warn you, though, that the AMD Phenom II X4 is inexplicably poor in Crysis and World in Conflict. Let’s see what we have in the other games.

Unreal Tournament 3

That’s a nice picture. The single Radeon HD 5870 only reacts to the increase of the platform speed at 1280x1024 at the low-quality settings, but the Radeon HD 5870 CrossFireX configuration delivers a linear performance growth until 1920x1200 at the high-quality settings. The quad-core CPUs show their worth at last. Even the weakest of them, the AMD Phenom II X4 at 2.67GHz, beats the Intel Core 2 Duo overclocked to 4.1GHz. The Intel Core i7 beats the AMD Phenom II X4 just as easily, though. It must be noted that CrossFireX technology works smoothly on the AMD platform in this game, delivering as high a performance gain in percent as on the two Intel platforms.

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