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S3 Graphics: New Chip Needs New Push

S3 Graphics changed the interface of their graphics chip and is now getting ready to start shipping five modifications of their new baby: GammaChromeS18 Ultra, GammaChromeS18 Nitro, GammaChromeS18 PRO, GammaChromeS18 VE and GammaChromeS18 ULP (Ultra Low Power, which will need no active cooling).

GammaChrome Model

Chip Working Frequency








To be announced


To be announced

The GammaChrome product family S3G will soon start shipping some of the models above soon.  The company will start shipping these solutions from online computer retailers in the US. As far as the availability of the GammaChrome based solutions in other markets in Asia, Europe and Africa is concerned, we haven’t got any details yet. However, according to company sources, they are sure to follow shortly.

At first, the GammaChromeS18 PRO graphics cards will retail for $139-$149. Other members of the newly born GammaChrome family are to arrive into the market a little bit later.

Judging by the way the business of new graphics cards vendors is developing in this market, both relatively new players here, S3 Graphics as well as XGI Technologies, are experiencing the same problems: they lack well-established cooperation with the larger graphics card makers. Of course, the actual graphics cards are still made by the same manufacturers, however, they don’t feel like selling those under their own brand name still.

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