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Preliminary Conclusion

According to the above discussed technical data we can draw a pretty simple conclusion. GammaChrome is a well enhanced DeltaChrome, which can successfully compete with RV370 architecture from ATI Technologies in efficiency as well as performance, according to S3 Graphics. If S3G manages to release into the market their 8-pipeline GammaChromeS19 chip fast enough, then multimedia enthusiasts will undoubtedly get attracted to this product (if S19 turns out a worthy competitor to ATI RADEON X700 PRO type of solutions or better, of course).

The main question we ask today is; will the newcomer become popular or it will share the destiny of DeltaChrome? Well, it is all in the hands of S3 Graphics. If they ship the products to the market fast enough and if they succeed in partnering with some graphics card vendors, then why not? Also, we hope sincerely that the drivers for the new GammaChrome will be free from DeltaChrome’s early problems.

S3 Graphics claims that there is a number of companies interested in the mobile and desktop versions of their new GammaChrome chip. All in all, it is a very good sign, because no presence in the graphics market is the major difficulty such companies as S3 Graphics and XGI Technologies are facing right now. When there is no actual product in the market, the product developer gets caught in a vicious circle: the game developers do not want to test their software on a product which is not in the market, and the graphics card makers do not want to sell products, which haven’t been tested for compatibility in contemporary games.

Moreover, the company claims that they worked real hard on improving the drivers and compatibility of the new GammaChrome in the games. Of course, this will be another plus S3G scores, because no multimedia entertainment system can live without 3D games.

Right now we are finishing the tests of the new S3 GammaChrome graphics card in our lab. So hopefully very soon we will be able to estimate the performance of the newcomer in real games. However, right now we already feel confident to say that this is a very interesting chip with a number of truly unique features, which may make the products based on it a very good choice for your needs.

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