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X-bit labs: Can you tell us about power consumption of the Chrome20?

Nadeem Mohammad: Power consumption is becoming an increasing important parameter for the graphics subsystem in desktop and in mobile. The Chrome20 series will feature industry leading performance per watt characteristics – which will make it ideal for Home Theater PCs or Media Center Edition setups – when low power translates to cooler/quieter setup.

X-bit labs: Any precise figures concerning the consumption, like peak, idle consumption? Or any kind of comparison with existing solutions.

Nadeem Mohammad: We will be releasing actual data when we formally launch the product. But to give you an indication – a Chrome20series desktop could be consuming less than half the average power of some other processors while producing the same performance.

X-bit labs: Can you talk more about the Chromotion 3.0 technology to be implemented into the Chrome20-series?

Nadeem Mohammad: Chrome20 will feature a new generation of Chromotion, our programmable video technology – but I can not release any specific information at this moment – to give you a taste you should expect enhancements in the media formats we support and even better support of widescreen displays, such as HDTVs.

X-bit labs: Talking of HDTV connectivity – how does your solution compare with those of your competitors?

Nadeem Mohammad: We were the first company to offer HDTV component video output , directly from the GPU. We support all the way up to 1080p, which is quite an achievement –our competitors are still trying to catch up.. This super high resolution is actually gaining quite a lot of momentum, I see a lot more TV’s available now which support 1080p than this time last year. I have one of our graphics boards hooked up to my HDTV at home – and one of things I use it for is slide shows of our digital pictures – and our friends always are stunned by the image quality of true HDTV on a big 65” screen – its almost like seeing a big poster of every picture! I am convinced the wide availability of HDTV will greatly encourage the use of PC in the living room, and the Chrome20 series have lots of features which will enhance the experience in this situation.

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