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Overclocking Potential

Unfortunately, our sample of the Sapphire Radeon FleX HD 7870 GHz Edition couldn’t please us with high overclocking potential despite its reinforced PCB. The GPU could only reach 1180 MHz whereas the graphics memory stopped at 5340 MHz.

It’s no wonder that the GPU temperature of the overclocked card was only 2°C higher and the speed of the fans in automatic mode increased by a mere 120 RPM.

Unfortunately, the Sapphire Radeon FleX HD 7807 GHz Edition doesn’t allow to tweak its GPU voltage, so we couldn’t increase the latter to reach higher clock rates.

Triple-Monitor Configuration

The new graphics card not having high overclocking potential, we can’t expect anything special from it in terms of performance since we’ve already tested a number of Radeon HD 7870s. So instead we want to show you the key feature of the Sapphire Radeon FleX HD 7870 GHz Edition. It can work with up to three monitors simultaneously!

The 24-inch monitors are a NEC EX231W (middle) and two NEC E231W models in portrait mode. The testbed and methods are the same as in the previous test. We used a Canon EOS 600D camera to capture videos in five games (1280x720 at 50 fps) to show you what the new card from Sapphire can do. Every game ran at 3240x1920 pixels without antialiasing. Let’s see what we’ve got.

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