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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

The year 2560, four years have passed since deadly battles for the Koprulu Sector. Jim Raynor is sitting in a bar on Mar Sara, drinking...

Straight away the game takes you on a survival quest as Jim Raynor and his cutthroat mercenary group is scoring a sector for supplies and supporters. Protoss are on a brink of yet another civil war among survivals of Aiur and their long ago exiled brethren - the Dark Templar. As for the Zerg, the Queen of Blades is nowhere to be seen, yet.



The campaign itself is a very pleasing experience. You spend almost the same amount of time interacting with other characters in pubs, laboratories and mission control aboard Hyperion battle-cruiser as actually carrying out missions. At some point the game feels like a good interactive Hollywood class movie or a novel bestseller.

While it is still a StarCraft interface from 1998, the gameplay itself has changed a lot. Thanks to evolution and scientific research, economy of your base gets a boost compared to the original game, e.g., one patch of crystals can now be worked by three workers simultaneously (vs. one worker in the StarCraft). There are handicaps/drawbacks too, the Vespene Gas deposit mining had changed a lot and you will be finding yourself with zero gas and a thousand minerals quite often.



Another significant change to the game is close integration with and more importantly Facebook online social network. It seems that features like these are becoming popular and can already be seen in Settlers 7: Paths to Kingdom, launched earlier this year. The integration with social networks not only allows to add your friends to the in-game list, but you can also chat directly while playing. World of Warcraft Achievements system also found its way to StarCraft universe, so now you can show off your records to your Facebook friends.



The game itself is not only beautifully looking, but it has the spirit of the original StarCraft and you feel the emotions of the original game. You really do feel sorry for Jim and Sarah. Satire is not forgotten as well, and the interview with a Ghost operative is just hilarious. The StarCraft II game does have a lot of 'Easter eggs' too, just like the secret hydraulics back in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. This game creates a really nice feeling that people behind this project have a good sense of humor and are more than glad to reward attentive gamers.

Speaking about 'Easter eggs' and treats:

All in all, the game leaves a positive first impression, and you will be hard pressed to find something better on the market today. Now let's have a look at the technology behind the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

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