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When Blizzard first made the announcement that StarCraft II was going to be released as three separate games, a lot of people were concerned about possible large gaps between the parts. Moreover, the first StarCraft II beta reviews told that the game seemed massively under-developed and without any gem that could separate it from the original StarCraft series (some said that this is just a StarCraft clone with graphics engine version 2.0). We are glad to report that as always gossip has a tendency to massively distort reality.

If you have an upcoming vacation or holiday, cancel it. If you have to go to work, take a sick leave. This game is nothing like you have ever experienced before. Yes it may miss native FSAA support and the race balance is still to be sorted out, but at least for now, the Campaign mode is going to be more than enough to satisfy your need for StarCraft.

It is not easy to make a recommendation for a potential graphics card buyer. If you want the best possible experience you don't have to look for something bigger and better than ATI Radeon 5850 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 1GB. Both can handle resolutions 2560x1600 and below, without extra stress for your wallet or air conditioning unit. You really have no need to look for top-of-the-line GeForce GTX 480, Radeon HD 5970 or various multi-GPU configurations, unless FSAA is a must for you. The relatively inexpensive Radeon HD 5770 will be optimal for playing in the popular 1600x900 resolution whereas the less advanced graphics cards will call for lower level of detail.

Thanks to the DirectX 9 engine that is not exactly friendly to multi-core/multi-threaded microprocessors, there is hardly a true need even for a quad-core chip. Higher clock-speed will be much more appreciated in this case. In fact, since the latest multi-core CPUs have various dynamic acceleration modes, they will do the job.

This game took twelve years to hit the shelves and now the waiting seems worth it. Even if you are trying to be modest in your judgment, it is very hard to expect anything less than staggering from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty real time strategy video game. Just like good cognac needs a few decades to mature, Blizzard's creation took its time. Some, such as StarCraft: Ghost might have been abandoned or left for future come back with a bang, but for now everyone's attention is on the Korpulu Sector and Protoss-Zerg-Terran triangle. Enjoy!

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