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So our anti-extreme modification proved to be the most efficient with graphics cards on RADEON 9700 and 9500 graphics processors with 128MB of graphics memory and standard cooling systems. After you switch the cooler to 7V, the temperatures of the VPU and memory grow up by a negligible value, so the overall result of the modification is the card’s becoming both quieter and colder.

RADEON 9600 XT-based card from Sapphire with its passive cooling system works OK without any modifications, since this graphics processor has relatively low heat dissipation. You may want to reduce the voltages of the VPU and memory in this card only if you’ve got a bad system case with improper airflows.

Sapphire RADEON 9800 PRO 256MB is the most powerful and “hottest” device we reviewed today. The DDR2 memory chips from Samsung generate too much heat for their passive heatsinks to handle it efficiently. Their temperature is always higher than that of the memory chips on the other cards, even if they don’t have any heatsinks on. The passive cooling solution from Zalman works at its limit with RADEON 9800 PRO. It’s clear you should set a fan to blow cool air at this card or think about proper airflows in your system case to have no problems with it.

Reduction of VPU and memory voltages make their temperatures notably lower and solve the problem of overheating when there is no additional air cooling. The graphics card stops overheating and works for several hours without any artifacts, although there is no guarantee you won’t see any problems in the future.

So, it is quite possible to apply your own kind of Cool’n’Quiet technology to your graphics card. You can modify it by reducing the VPU and memory voltages or switch the standard cooler to 7V power. You can simply reduce the rotation speed of the standard cooler fan. Or you can buy a passive cooling system like the ones from Zalman and take care of proper airflows generated inside the system case.

The choice of the way to comfort is your own! :)

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